Farzad Farzin Live in Concert

  • DATE

    9:00 PM Friday 24 August 2018

    Robert Blackwood Hall

    Premium VIP $260.00
    Standard VIP $240.00
    Platinum $200.00
    Diamond $169.95
    Gold $149.95
    Ruby $139.95
    Silver $129.95
    Bronze $119.95
    A Reserve $109.95
    B Reserve $99.95
    C Reserve $89.95

    *Children 2 years and older: ticket required
    **Any children 2 years and younger that require a seat will need a valid ticket.


Farzad Farzin was one of the founders and original band member of the Corouz Group in 2001. He left the band before they could release their first album. Farzad’s spot in Corouz was taken by Shervin Sohrabian. Farzad had left Corouz Group for personal reasons, but obviously did keep the rights to all songs he had created for Corouz Group.

After many revisions in terms of content, title and record label, he finally was able to release his first (legal) album Sharaareh in 2005  on the Navaaye Raameshe label

His second (legal) album Shock took quite a while to see the light of day. Originally it was planned for release in 2006, but was postponed. This was mainly due to the fact that his new album(s) were leaked on the Internet prematurely.  As a result, he had a hard time publishing and performing his work inside Iran legally. In the meantime he was able to give a couple of European concerts together with Mohsen Yeganeh  in the Netherlands and Germany in May 2007. The second album Shock was finally released in 2008.