Bayside Christian College presents ‘Calamity Jane’

  • DATE

    9th - 11th of August 2017 7:30pm

    George Jenkins Theatre
    McMahons Road
    Monash University, Peninsula Campus

    Standard: $30.00
    Children_15: $20.00
    Children aged two years and under are complimentary when not occupying a seat.

It’s the late nineteenth century in Deadwood, located in the Dakota Territory. Jane Canary – better known as ‘Calamity Jane’ is a sharp shooter who takes it upon herself to protect the area, especially the stagecoach, from the marauding Sioux Indian tribe. Only Wild Bill Hickock, with whom she has a friendly rivalry, but who she still considers her best friend, matches her skill and fearlessness. Calamity shows very few signs of femininity in her self appointed role as ‘protector’, despite being in love with a soldier, Lieutenant Danny Gilmartin. Despite Calamity having saved his life, Danny only sees her as one of the guys and has no idea that she loves him. Harvey Miller, the Saloon proprietor, hires an ‘actress’ from New York to entertain the menfolk of Deadwood, but it doesn’t turn out quite the way he expects. Calamity Jane takes it upon herself to bring in the most famous Chicago actress, Adelaide Adams, to keep the peace in Deadwood. In true ‘Calamity’ style, her attempt to bring Adelaide goes awry and she mistakenly brings Adelaide’s maid, Katie Brown. This sets off a series of events which make Calamity reflect on her feminine side, and what it may take to get Danny to propose. But in doing so, she realises that it’s the genuine love and friendship of her community that brings out the best in her as a woman.

Running Time
Approximately two hours and fifteen minutes including an interval